About Us

We believe that being Ghoomakkar is not just aimless wandering around but a need of life and a way of life for many!

Remember the days when we used to wait for autos at stations or at campus gates, running behind them, negotiating rates or waiting in long ques at pre-paid booths and feeling nervous simultaneously to reach home in time or to reach our hostels to catch up with that last open restaurant? Well not any more folks!

Just reach us and we will take care of your nervous travel moments by ensuring hassle free and safe ride!

Ghoomakkar Technologies is started with a vision to make auto and cab ride convenient and enjoyable for all: the daily commuter, the lone woman traveller, the day scholar, the weekend traveller, the homesick of hostel etc

Our team has many who are Ghoomakkars by nature and who have experienced the same issues which many daily riders feel everyday! Our team has felt them, seen them and resolved them for you!

1. What is motivation behind Ghoomakkar?

- Most of the people need to travel, but not everyone can afford (or not everyone wants to own) a vehicle. The need to travel can arise any time and any place. Every traveler in need should get a vehicle to ride, irrespective of the time and location.We at Ghoomakkar are striving for the same-to fullfll your travel needs anytime and the all-time!

2. What is your vision?

- To save the time of working class by connecting them with vehicle using updated technology so that they can spend quality time with parents, wife, other loved one & friends.
- Man behind the wheel is human and family member of some family. Let technology be tool for them to have more passengers, better income and so better lifestyle.
- People need not own and maintain a car for moving one place to another at any point of time. Because the capacity to serve the demand at very affordable price and user's convenience exists. It's just matter of efficient & effective connectivity and will to do it.